Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the big one

I haven't given an infertility update in awhile because it's been pretty uneventful as far as these things go. I've been sticking myself with a needle daily, but just the little one. No big deal (anymore).

However, I had to start taking estrogen which will build up my lining. The first drug is cutting off all communication between my head and reproductive organs. The doctors don't want me to ovulate on my own, so they shut my own commands off and take over. So.... the new drug. A shot, of course. This one goes in the backside, top of the buttocks. Lovely. And it's longer because it has to go into the muscle. 

Yeah.... not so easygoing about this one. I'll admit, I was a bit nervous to have this jabbed into my butt by Fraser. He, not being a fan of needles himself, was also a bit nervous which made me more nervous.... well, anyway... We both took a deep breath and bam, right in. And you know, it wasn't really that bad. I didn't even feel the needle. Just the drug making my muscle a bit sore. 

So, even though I'm not advocating for sticking long needles into your backside just for fun, I will say that I was pleasantly (ahem) surprised at the outcome. The trick, I think, is to jab it in hard and fast. No time for sensation. Too slow and it hurts more. Believe me, I know.

We are steadily getting closer to our transfer date which is exciting. As I get closer, there will be another long needle shot like this, daily (unlike this one which only occurs Mondays and Fridays). And some pills and stuff like that. But it actually is starting to feel a bit exciting again. Lots of waiting. Lots of patience practicing. All for a good cause.

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