Wednesday, February 27, 2013

they heard us

The eggs must have heard us cheering the other day, because I went to the doctor and he said I was ahead of schedule! My ovaries are taking very well to the medicine and those eggs are growing. I had to add another shot to my repertoire yesterday due to this - fantastic. That's okay, though.... all for the cause.

It's all starting to go pretty quickly now. And it certainly is fascinating. At the doc's I learned that my right ovary has about 24 eggs and the left side has about 18. This is super. All of them will not grow viable eggs, but we want to grow as many as possible. And my uterine lining is looking nice and thick (I've never had a problem with that one).

This new shot I have to take prevents my body from ovulating before all these eggs are as big as we need them to be. The point is always to get as many out as possible and if one starts growing too fast, it could pop out and then we'd be done. So, this drug keeps them hanging in there. Literally. 

Less than a week till harvest. Lookin' good. I'm feeling good too, minus the sore tummy. It's so easy to let my fears come forward. After 34 months of negative pregnancy results, it can be hard to "remain positive". However, this is a whole different animal we're dealing with and one that has very good potential. I feel hopeful. And that feels good.

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  1. its gonna be alright in the end... and if its not alright... it is not the end. chin up!!