Wednesday, January 16, 2013

why talk about it?

This question has been asked of me a couple times recently, once by my spouse. Why am I telling you all this information about my personal journey through infertility? A good question.

As I've gotten into the blog world, I have had to make choices about what to write. What is too personal, what do I want my blog to sound like, who do I want to read this? I thought about this topic for awhile before sharing it on this blog. 

It came down to a few reasons:

One, lots of women go through this pain and feel alone. Not everyone going through this can talk about it, but there are others in the same boat. If even just one person reads this and feels a bit less lonely, than it's worth putting it out there. We all have stories: some get told, others don't. But we should know that we're not alone on this journey. This desire pushed me to start writing about infertility here.

Two, people are curious, naturally. It's an intense process but mostly foreign to those who haven't gone through it. It continues to be fascinating to me to learn about it, even as I go through it personally. Also, I am fortunate to have many wonderful, caring people in my life who all want the best for me and, let's face it, want to know what's going on. This is a place where I can be open but not have to go through discussions more times than I'd like. These posts actually get the biggest number of hits, too. If people have questions or comments, I would be glad to read them. Please do leave a comment at the bottom if you have one. It helps me to know that I'm reaching people.

Three, in the end, it just makes me feel better. Writing is how I process things, especially big things which this most certainly is. I can make my jumbled thoughts come together somewhat more cohesively when I write them out which helps me internalize information and make decisions. I have a lot of helpful realizations when writing. 

This is a personal story. That's what my blog is about, though, right? This is a process that enters into each of my days at this point, that cannot be sequestered to the sidelines. It's part of my journey, part of the teachings of this life, something that is, slowly, becoming part of who I am. That's why I talk about it here.

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  1. I'm glad you write about it, Sweet Jill, because we're 2,600 miles away and we love and care about you all. It keeps us connected.