Saturday, January 19, 2013

ahh, Boulder

Boulder, sweet, Boulder.... glorious sunshine... foothills that look close enough to reach out and touch... Continental Divide stirring joy in my chest....

It has been awhile since we've been back - almost a year and a half. It feels the same and different. Babies have been born, toddlers have grown into kids, new stores have popped up, laws on smoking marijuana have passed. Driving around seems just a bit foreign at first. This time around, I actually feel like I've been gone, that I have changed, since our last visit. 

Oh, but getting together with old friends is so, so joyous. Last night and today was just the beginning, and it feels wonderful. It takes time to grow into relationships, even the ones that are easily formed. I have known the people here for ten years. Ten years! Ah! They hold a deep place in my heart. I plan on soaking up all the time with them that I can.  

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