Sunday, January 6, 2013

stories of the boy

I know it's been awhile since I've written any Jacobisms. As he's gotten older and much more verbose, I find it harder to keep track of the actual things he says. There's more context involved and, like hearing someone talk in his sleep (which Jacob also does occasionally), it's sometimes hard to recall the exact words that have been said. 

For example:
One day, he had gone to the neighbours' house with Fraser and watched them brew some beer. So, of course, he has all this swirling around in his head and as he's beading later, he shows me something. He says the beads are beer extracts and he's putting them through the holes in a crocheted blanket, calling that his marble track. As always, he's obsessed with tracks of all kinds as long as they involve something small to go through them. 

Santa got him a Perplexus for Christmas (as I mentioned in an earlier post) and he is still enamored with it. And, I might say, he's quite good at it. For something that takes patience, focus, dexterity and is sold to kids 6 and up.... I'm a bit impressed (yes, I know I'm his mother). We were over at the neighours' house for New Year's Eve and all the kids were watching a movie. Everyone but Jacob was staring at the TV (or, as he still calls it, the television); he was focused on the Perplexus that they have, which is much harder than his own. He has always been fascinated by it (that's how Santa knew he would enjoy his own).

I do have a few priceless moments, though, that I wrote down as quickly as possible after he said them.

::  I was having a crabby day the other day. One thing I say to him sometimes when he's angry is, "Draw me a picture of how angry you are." So, I asked him, "Should I draw an angry picture?" Yes, he said. I got a pencil and drew really hard on some paper (it actually really did feel like a release of some frustration). Then he came to me and patted me on the back, which is his way of filling me up with love. After he said, "Now draw a love picture". 

::  The other night he was taking a very long time to go to sleep: bathroom trips, asking about how long nighttime was, needing to be covered again. After awhile of this, I hear him call down to me, "Mommy, can you come up? I want to give you a hug." I make my ways up the stairs saying, "Jacob, I love you. I love hugging you. And I want you to stay in your room." Standing at the top of the stairs, all adorable, he says, "I know but I want to give you some love." I pick him up and he curls his body around me like a koala. He pats me on the back as I walk with him back to his room. He pats me as I hold him in his room for a moment. "Wow, that's a lot of love you're giving me," I say. "I piled it up to the moon," he says.

::  He loves nonsense words. One day he says something that is completely incoherent and I say, "Are you talking nonsense?" He responds, "No, I'm talking gibberish." Duh, Mommy.  

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