Sunday, January 6, 2013

exercise, writing

Most years, around this time, I feel the need to make resolutions. This year, for whatever reason(s), I haven't felt the same urge. Maybe last year's experiment of doing a monthly goal for the whole year tapped me out for awhile. 

Even so, I do have a goal. I want to do a writing exercise at least three days out of the week. Please, don't laugh. This blog doesn't count. This is like journal entry. I'm talking about writing: plot, characters, description, dialogue. If I ever want to write a book well (which I would), I have to keep practicing that kind of writing. I'm not saying every day (although it would be nice if that happened) because there's a lot of other stuff that needs to happen during a day and because I don't want to set myself to fail. Three days a week feels like a reachable, although challenging, goal. 

So, hold me to it. You can ask to see what I've been practicing. Keep in mind, however, that I may flat out refuse, because, like someone who hasn't truly exercised in awhile and feels like a flabby, out-of-breath, falling apart wreck when she gets to that first aerobics class, so I kind of feel at this point in my writing. Maybe it won't be all that bad, but some of it will be. But, as my parents were good at teaching me, the only way to get better at something is to practice it. 

P.S. I already have three days under my belt!  

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