Friday, December 7, 2012

what makes you come alive?

Here's a fantastic quote I read on a friend's facebook page yesterday:

 "Do not ask yourself what the world needs;
ask yourself what makes you come alive.
And then go and do that.
Because what the world needs
is people who have come alive."
-Harold Whitman

So, what makes me come alive?

:: Being in the mountains
:: Skiing
:: Walking in the quiet, snow-filled woods
:: Laying on the grass in summer, looking at the blue blue sky and the white clouds forming and disappearing into that blue nothingness
:: Hanging out with my siblings
:: Having thoughtful, provoking, questioning, wondering, meaningful conversation
:: Sleeping under the stars
:: Road trips
:: Writing well and with meaning
:: Rooftop happy hours with friends, in the sunshine
:: Being a leader
:: Dancing for fun
:: Hut trips
:: Being a mom
:: Taking pictures
:: Being in nature
:: Choosing things that make me happy
:: Public speaking
:: Travel and exploring new places
:: Feeling in love with my husband
:: Singing
:: Singing and making music with others
:: Making new friends
:: Adventures
:: Jumping on really big trampolines
:: Skinny dipping
:: Being with others who share similar passions
:: Yoga, meditation
:: Being true to myself
:: Theatre, particularly musicals
:: The smell of a fire on a cold night

How about you?

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