Sunday, December 2, 2012

good times in GA

Portland welcomed us home with a lovely downpouring of rain last night. I do like how it sounds on the roof of our house but I am not going to lie and say I missed it while we were gone. Those sunny Georgia days were wonderful!

We managed to relax on our trip as well as fill it up with several fun activities: Children's Museum of Atlanta, jumping in dry leaf piles, practicing disc golf, eating gigantic marshmallows, making ball tracks and helping trim the Douglas Family Christmas Tree and cooking many delicious dishes (chargrilled oysters, crab legs, chicken piccata, halibut, blueberry muffins...).

As we adjust to the three hour time difference and to how much longer a day with a four year old feels when it's just two of us and not four of us to play with him, we will be looking at our pictures and reminiscing about the good times we all had. 

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