Sunday, November 11, 2012


This weekend we celebrated Jacob's upcoming 4th birthday with our (Portland) friends. Jacob helped me get things ready, sporting his fu manchu now that he's "almost four".

I told him I wasn't ready for facial hair yet. But he did a great job decorating those cupcakes!

The party was great! So many wonderful people coming out to celebrate with us, eating some tasty food (if I do say so myself, although I wasn't the only one saying so) and sharing in each others' company. 

blueberry hand pies - yum!

men sweeping - take note

I am so, so grateful for all our marvelous friends! We play together and support each other and that has made such a difference in our moving out here two years ago. It occurred to me this morning that Jacob has actually lived in Oregon longer than he had in Colorado. Although that makes part of me sad because I hold Colorado and our friends there so dear, I must say it makes me so happy to see all these bonds and memories develop for him here. It makes me very grateful indeed.

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