Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

"Trick or treat-or!", was what we heard as the three boys ran from house to house, pounding on doors, hitting the doorbells a few times and generally bringing young, boyish mayhem to the neighbourhood.

Here was our Jack-o-lantern, based off a Jacob face. At first we were going to go with "happy" then Jacob thought a "concerned" face would be good. But after he made a face similar to the one in the above picture, we went with that one.

Hanging out at our neighbours' house, the boys getting crazy, the grownups having some talking time and treats of our own (read: rum and cider!).... good Halloween times. Up until yesterday, Jacob was going to be a pumpkin, but then he decided to be "a spy guy" a.k.a. James Bond.

Nathaniel, Jacob, Lyla, Jack, Logan

Lyla in the middle, the one girl.... what...

... is going on around here?!
 The boys ran themselves out and after about twenty-five houses or so, they were done (much to my chagrin... the lights were beckoning!). Jacob made sure to tell me several times throughout the night, "Mommy, this is the funnest Halloween ever! This is the funnest Halloween of my whole life!" Well, I am so glad.

By the end, it was all about "I want to go home and dump out my candy." And, of course, he had to sort it.

007 looks through the goods...

I think Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. You get to go around in the dark, dressed up and knocking on strangers doors... and you get candy because of this! It's fantastic, really. This year was very fun because Jacob, Nathaniel and Jack were much more into it this year. They understood what they were in for. I could've still dressed up myself and gone on trick-or-treating for awhile... but, alas... I'll give it a few years...  

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