Monday, September 24, 2012

then and now

On a Monday, five years ago now, Fraser and I were going through all the excitement and craziness of getting married. Sharing our union with so many great friends and family. It was a very fun day, and one that we will always remember. 

Five years seems like such a small number, in some ways, because it feels like we've been together, as a unit, for much longer. That's what happens, I suppose, when you spend day in and day out with another person, sharing his trials and joys, fears and expectations, not to mention all the menial habits that a person does daily that just make you know a person.

So, after being married, going on a month long honeymoon to Asia (oh, wonderful!), finishing a PhD, buying a house, having a baby, learning how to be parents, starting a new job, moving across country and starting another new job, here we are... still learning from each other, even discovering new things about each other (occasionally), making memories together, supporting each other and (sometimes) frustrating the living bejesus out of each other. 

I'm glad to be in it with this guy called Fraser.


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  1. I'm so glad that you're in it with "this guy," too! You're a beautiful family.

    Love to all.