Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the hump

I am in that middle zone of organizing a place where there is disaster everywhere I turn, I'm feeling just a bit overwhelmed and really, I just want to shove everything quickly away and be done. Now. Deep breath. 

I knew I was taking on a large task. This is not news. And we're just over halfway through the month; of course it's the hard part. Not new anymore but not close enough to the end to feel the pull of a deadline. At this point, really, there's just one way to deal with it: head on. The only way out is through.

"Anything can be a starting place. Begin where you are." These great (and simple) words come from How To Be An Explorer of The World again. But it's true. I just have to start with one thing, one box, and go from there. 

I also just started reading a book I came upon at the library. This one, Organizing From the Inside Out . I'm not far in yet, but it breaks things down nicely so far. For example, she says if something is not being put away and an area always has a pile up, there could be three reasons for it. One, there's a technical problem with why it's out (i.e. there's not a regular space set aside for it, it's not convenient to put away, etc). Two, there's a space problem in that you don't actually have enough. Three, there's an internal problem in ourselves that keeps us doing this (ex. we like solving the constant crisis of organizing things, we're sentimentally attached). I was reading this when I was quite tired but still, it holds hope for me in helping me through the last push of this month (and probably some of next month...). 

I am also feeling a little bit of the hump of the middle of the year and all my monthly goals building up. Meditating was great but I don't do it nearly as much as I did in January. Writing was also a good goal and only the very beginning of something I want to put more effort towards. March was nature and as the summery months are headed our way, I know I'll want to partake in that more. I think maybe I need to do a little evaluation of how this experiment has been going, what I've been learning, what I want to take with me and how I want to proceed. Whew, that sounds like an in-depth post! 

For today, though, I'm headed back to the garage :)

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