Wednesday, August 29, 2012


There's nothing like company to work as an incentive to get things done around the house. Those boxes in the hallway that have been there for five months? Gone. A closet that badly needs cleaning out? Done, and four bags of clothes off to Goodwill. The whole house dusted (!) and vacuumed AND mopped?! Done! I think I need company more often...

Fraser's parents are in town for awhile. Jacob is excited beyond measure. Doing his "excited dance", asking about Mimi and Pop every day for a week, going to the airport to get them.... It's really quite endearing. Skype has changed so many lives; allowing kids to feel closer to far-off relatives so everyone gets to avoid that awkward warm-up period when we only can get together once or twice a year.

We'll be enjoying Oregon's bounty over the next several days: canning peaches (which Jacob and I picked yesterday), picking blueberries, visiting the coast, canning tuna (if I can pull it all together). And we'll be enjoying each other's company which is always appreciated. 

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