Tuesday, June 19, 2012

going a little CRAZY!

Jacob and I are leaving in a couple days to go to Michigan for a month and even though I am completely excited to see everyone, I am feeling just a little bit crazy before leaving. Fraser will be home for lots of that time, so it won't be like completely leaving the house for long.

 Still, I'm just trying to make sure I: don't forget anything that I'm wanting to bring back, pack enough for wedding events but not complete excess, find my library card (what?!), kind of tidy some of my piles that are not going to be taken care of before we leave and maybe take some time to breath every now and then. Not integrating that part as well as I'd like to these days.

Once I get on the plane (or out the door, probably), I'll be able to relax and focus on the vacation. Until then, I am feeling a bit out of control - not a fun feeling for me!

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