Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Saturday morning began with some lovely pancakes by chefs Jacob and Daddy. I think Jacob knew a little bit more than Daddy about making these pancakes, so it was good to have his help. 
The boys also went out to the store while I was off at yoga and came back with some pipe lagging (foam insulation for pipes). They found an experiment about potential and kinetic energy and, as it involved making a marble track out of this tubing, they were all about it.

 I don't always know how much of the actual science Jacob is absorbing, but he sure does love ball tracks and experiments. And really, he's probably getting quite a bit of the science, too.

In the afternoon, the boys had a marvelous time at the park (with a water fountain!) while I got my Mother's Day pedicure. Just making this into a whole Parents' Day, really. My experience was truly luxurious and when I went to find the boys, Jacob was having the best time being chased and splashed by Daddy.

Today, the boys worked on a new track while I made some breakfast, complete with some homemade strawberry preserves. Fraser said, "These are the best strawberry preserves I've ever had." Whoohoo! I quite agree.
And here is what they worked on:

with a loop-de-loop!

 Later, they had to experiment with more tracks and made this one, named the "pretzel track" or the "horizontal loop". Ahhh.... the fun of having a physicist and a three-and-a-half year old who loves science. Our house is like a museum!
 We've also enjoyed mojitos, steaks on the grill, watching some of the US Open, playing Trivial Pursuit Jacob-style and just hanging out "all in a family", as Jacob says. It has been a very good weekend. We are all very fortunate to have great dads in our lives and to be able to celebrate this day ourselves as well. There is much for which we are thankful.

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