Friday, April 6, 2012

with friends

We've been having some fun times with our little friends, especially getting ready for Easter. Yesterday we did some fast and furious egg dying - the only way to go with young ones, I think. Dip, extract, dry, peel, eat! 

 Oh, and do NOT forget one of the most important parts of hanging out with friends: GO CRAZY!

 The afternoon was filled with more Easter excitement as we joined up with our neighbours again for an Easter egg hunt. Does it get any better than this? Well, considering we actually had about an hour of dryness for the hunt and some actual sunshine (!), I think yes.

Nathaniel, Jack and Jacob

 So much fun!!!

Today we headed to the ever-wonderful OMSI to hang with our friends Brandin, Preston and Abbott. The exhibits were fun, as always, but the boys found the window space to be just as entertaining. 

And the gravitram...... oh, so fascinating. 

 We were later delighted to an afternoon hail storm. Exciting!

Because dyeing eggs is so very exciting and once (or twice) is not usually enough... we did some more. The Easter bunny has to have plenty to hide, after all.

As we're finishing this project, our friends stop by while out for a walk. As they're leaving, Jacob dons his boots and is out the door faster than you can say, wait! So, we all head out for a walk which eventually turns into puddle-stomping. This is most definitely the most fun part of so much rain!

It's all fun and games until.... well, until it isn't.

Then it's just time to go home and get out of your clothes. Alas.... live hard, play hard. I'm sure this will not be the end of puddle adventures.

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