Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April's goal

Well, March's goal didn't go as well as I'd hoped, although it went as well as I expected. March, in Oregon, is a darn hard month to try and get more nature in your life. It's the rain. I tried and, at times, succeeded. But also got disheartened by the weather and kind of fell off the wagon. What I learned is that, at this point, I'm not sold on this area of the country if there are only 2-3 months of really pleasant weather all year. That's just not enough for me. I either need better weather or a drastic attitude adjustment. So.... that was March.

April. This is probably going to sound pretty funny to some of you. I'm kind of scared to say my goal "out loud" because that means I'll really have to put effort into it. I think I really need to try, though, and have been avoiding it. So, the best way to deal with fear is to face it. My goal for this month is writing. 

Now, really, stop laughing. "But you already write on your blog," you say. "That doesn't seem scary." Well.... yes and no. I don't really feel scared with all of you. But I'd like to widen my readership. I'd like more people to read my blog (and enjoy it). I'd like to try freelance writing for some magazines around here. I'd even like to write more fiction to submit to.... literary mags, online sources, contests.... publishers (eek!). And all that, is terrifying. 

I really enjoy writing, though. At times, I think some of it comes out well. So, I'd like to put more effort into it. Getting published is not only (or even mostly) the writing much of the time as it is the effort to actually send your writing to someone. This is the part at which I stop. It's easier to keep your work in a computer file or between friends at writing group. It's different to send it out into the big, wide, scary, rejection-filled world. So.... big breath..... as I dive into April.

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