Sunday, April 15, 2012


I am discovering what I already suspected: writing on the weekends is hard! It's hard to set aside the time and get away from the family to do serious writing. At least that has been the case this weekend. Yesterday, dealing with Jacob was like dealing with someone with multiple personality disorder. He was off in the morning that before noon I felt like I needed a vacation, a stiff drink or both. The afternoon was much better, thankfully. Thank goodness the maternal bond is so strong. And when he is being his nice self, he sure is hilarious and charming. 

But because of all the morning drama yesterday, I was spent by nap time. I had a beer and then I worked on a sewing project. I just needed something physically fun and satisfying. I'm making some pajamas out of the softest flannel. Jacob in no way needs more jammies but I've wanted to make these for months and figured it was time to start. Of course, I'm one sleeve short of fabric which means attempting to find some more or using another fabric for the two sleeves and calling it trendy. 

Now, we're just enjoying some sunny, spring weather! I can't believe I have been able to say that a few times in the past week now. It's lovely. If this is a normal spring here, I could handle this.


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