Monday, April 16, 2012

writing... challenges

This is considered writing, right? So, at least I'm doing something writing-wise today. Although this kind of feels like a bit of a cop out. I'm not really making my blog "better" like I'd like to. I'm also not working on any magazine articles or books or other writings at all. Sigh. Here are my issues (at least, for today).

Mostly, I have the two hour nap time window when Jacob is sleeping. Thank goodness I even have that! But it is really hard to get geared up for that short window and then wait twenty-four hours to gear myself up for another short stint. Mornings? I could get up before my child but let's face it, I think 6:30 is early enough. I usually am up before that but don't motivate to actually get up. Evenings? Yes. Like I said a couple days ago, these are the times I really need to utilize. I did do one night last week which felt good. It's like flossing; I just need to do it enough until it's so routine that I miss it when I skip it. Today was just one of those days where other practical things came up, and there wasn't a good chance to really write.

The thing is, the more I write, the easier it is to keep writing. It's when I stop for whatever of my multitude of reasons (read, excuses) that the fear starts to creep back in. Then the paralysis takes over along with the procrastination and.... well... I'm off the wagon.  I need, need, NEED to just sit and write. Regularly. It's too time and energy consuming to have to re-motivate all the time.

I know this entry sounded pretty much like a journal entry. Sorry for that. But... this month's goal is writing, and I'm really just sharing all the trials and tribulations of that. Also, it IS some sort of writing, lame as it is, so that is something. 

I also want to thank those of you who have sent me little encouraging messages since I wrote about writing being my goal for the month. Some of those messages have come from people who I didn't even realize were reading my blog. I SO appreciate that you do read what I write, and it makes me very happy when you tell me that you actually enjoy it. So, thank you, very much, for that. Keep reading!


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