Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jacob stories, sayings and such

I know, this makes for post three for today. But there are so many funny things to share!

After an evening of hide-and-seek, we hear him upstairs in his bed (at ten o' clock at night) saying, "Ready or not, here I come!" Then again, a little while later, "Is anyone there? Dammit!" (Once he gets the word in his head, it's hard to get it out... I really don't say it all that often, I promise).

I brushed my teeth and put on some chapstick. Then I pick up Jacob and he says, "Mommy, you smell delicious!"

He and Fraser were playing hide-and-seek. Fraser was hiding. Jacob came around the corner and said to me, "Well, I got a poop out, though. But I can't find Daddy."

J: Mommy, I'm hungry so I want you to have me eat something."

We're all in bed the other morning when Jacob gets up.
J: Alright, I'm going to go downstairs now but you can stay in bed, guys.
M: Great. Make us some breakfast.
We hear some noises downstairs and I think, maybe I should go see what he's doing because I wouldn't put it past him to actually try and make us some breakfast. Soon, though, we hear him coming upstairs. He puts a plastic plate on the bed with a plastic steak and a ball. Then he goes out again and comes back with a glass of pretend orange juice and a basket with more food.
J: These are after-dinner treats. (of the basket food)
M: Oh, wow, thank you. Breakfast in bed! This is delicious.
J: I'm pretending it's Easter. No, Mother's Day and this is breakfast for you.
He reaches around in the basket of food and pulls out a few real jelly beans. He gives one to Fraser and takes one for himself. We all eat a couple more before our "first breakfast" is over. 

We're eating crackers made from stone ground wheat so they have little flecks in them. Jacob looks at one and says, "What are these grey things, fingernails?" I laugh out loud. "No, they are not fingernails."

I'm putting him to bed and he has oh, so many "questions" these days. I'm getting a little impatient at this point, but he says, "I just have a little ant question. I just want a sip of water with the light on. That's just my little ant question." Apparently, his question was just little, like an ant. I don't think I could get away with that analogy in my writing but it sure is cute when he comes up with it.

Running about on the wet deck after the rain, "It feels good to splash around in my bare foots."

We were looking at some pictures of his cousin, Charlie. He came to stay with us for a few days back in September. Jacob looks at the pictures and says, "He's bigger than before. Why?"

At dinner, he was goofing around putting his food in his mouth: rolling his eyes about and making sure we were looking at him. I said, "You're just being a character now." So now, he likes to "be a character" quite a bit. 

We're also in the stage where (almost) every statement, question or comment gets a "why" in response. Even my answers get why's. There's no end. My brain gets totally fried trying to answer as much as possible. Eventually, I just have to tell him that my brain is too tired to answer all the questions anymore. It's true!

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  1. It's just like the Julie story..."It's Julie, dammit!" (this is Jenny, by the way...xoxo)