Monday, April 30, 2012

it's official!

Friends, it's official! It's the last day of April, and I have sent out two query letters to two magazines! I was a bit nervous, put it off for a couple days and then went for it. I may get two rejections, one rejection or two acceptances. Who knows. But as we all do know, there is no way to find out unless we try.

I am so proud that I really, truly worked at my writing this month. I got stoked about it, researched what to do, got help when I wasn't sure what to do and met one of my goals. That is truly worth celebrating, for me. 

As an at-home parent for the last three-and-a-half years, it gets scarier and scarier thinking about finding a way back into the "real" world of paid work. And although, in some ways, I'd be fine never going back to that place, there is also a lot of reward in public recognition. Beyond just the money, it feels good to have someone appreciate us for the things we can do. Doing is part of being, and what we choose to do with our beings, defines us in many ways. 

It's fun to blog, because I get to share my thoughts and opinions (and we all know I have lots of those). I enjoy receiving comments from my readers, because it feels like sharing together. There is community in this electronic world, and it is nice to be a part of that. My brain has been getting a different kind of exercise also, which makes me a happier person and a happier mama. And that is worth more than can be quantified. 

Thank you for all your support! This is not the end of writing for me. My goal next month will change, but writing will remain high on the list of goals toward which I'm working. I have learned this month that writing is a part of myself that has always been there, that likes being there and that is ready to come out and play. It is a part of my core, and remembering that is what this blog is all about.  

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