Friday, April 20, 2012

Dear Universe, Thanks!

When you feel that something is right and you put it out to the Universe/God and let things come back to you, it is truly amazing to see what happens. It is this opening of yourself to more that lets you get more as well. 

I put out that I want to work on writing. I have had words of encouragement, offers to help me with my blog, help on writing magazine query letters, help getting connected with other writers around the area. And this is really just the beginning! 

It's true, though, that when you decide to turn in a certain direction and really focus on it, and (I believe) if that area is where you should be focusing, then things will happen. Oh, yes, I still have my inner fears and hesitations, but the excitement is growing. Feeling that there are possibilities out there that match my desires and abilities is a good thing. The path stretches before me, and I walk on.  

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