Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The things that come out of this kid's mouth these days are so entertaining that I simply must share some of them. As all of you with kids know, the hilarity never stops.

Dad: Do you remember the name of a baby frog?
J: A tablet?

Getting dressed for the pool, he says to me, "I like your pool breast." I say, "What? Do you mean my bathing suit?" "No, your pool breast," he says. "Oooh, do you mean my pool bra?" "Yeah, your pool bra."

We don't watch any television with Jacob. An occasional 15 minutes of Planet Earth or short kid music videos is all he gets at our house. But sometimes he sees more at other people's houses. When he tells me about it, it's really cute and always so novel for him: "We watched television on the computer!"

We were at the neighbours' and the other kids were watching TV upstairs. Jacob really wanted to go up.I told him, "You can go and check it out but I don't want you up there watching television." He comes back down after a few minutes and says, "Mommy, I want to watch television. Can I watch television?" 

J: How about this compromise? I don't share your bagel but you share mine?

J: (at dinner) I'm an omnivore.
M: Really? Do you know what that means? What do you eat?
J: Plants. Meat.

J: Mommy, why do I love you so much?
M: Why do you?
J: Because I love how your skin feels so warm and cozy.

J: I gave you eight sperms so you can make another baby.

J: Don't touch that or I'm going to get ornery.

We were eating sausages for lunch, talking about how they're made and of what:
J: Can we make sausages?
M: We have some of the things but not all the things to make sausages. Like the casing.
J: What's that made of?
M: Intestines. I don't know that they use anything else.
J: Do we eat the intestines?
M: Yeah.
J: That doesn't sound good.

We were building with blocks:
J: What are those?
M: Oh, columns. Towers.
J: No, Daddy called them cylinders. You forgot to say that.

We were driving in the car with the music on. I thought Jacob said something so I turned it off. "No, turn it back on," he says. "I'm dancing." So, I turn it on and look back at him. He has his sunglasses on and is flipping his hands over, back and forth. Then his arms go out to the side and back in a few times. He wiggles all his fingers while looking at them, puts them together slowly. This went on for several minutes as I reminded myself to look at the road. It was so cute and funny.

The other night in the bath Jacob asked me, "How were we made?" I asked for clarification because it sounded like a different sort of question than I've heard before. Sure enough, he's asking the deeper questions now! During our discussion he also asked, "How was the universe made?" Oh goodness....

He's really into these little plastic beads. Our neighbour's daughter had a bunch and gave us some. Jacob likes to sort them. He saw some more at the craft store yesterday and has been wanting to get them since then. I told him we could use some of his money. So, we go to the store, get some beads and a divided container for... sorting. Kept him happy all afternoon. Sorting his beads. In rainbow order. I wonder which side of the family he gets it (ahem). He even told me from upstairs as he was getting ready for bath, "Mommy, don't touch the beads!" 

 For nap time today we read a book called The Goodnight Book. In it, there's a little girl in a bed and a baby in a crib. We talked about the differences a bit. He's still in a crib, but the time is coming for the transition. He's beginning to notice that his friends have big beds. Anyway, he wanted things arranged in his bed just like the little girl: pillow, bear, blanket. Even a kangaroo at the end of the bed. What a darling...


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