Saturday, February 18, 2012

Update in pictures

After a week of asking, Fraser finally started working on a new set up for the Chaos Tower. It's definitely an ordeal to change around and we put it off as long as we could. Finally, Jacob wore Fraser down. 
Our neighbours gave Jacob a little Valentine treat. When it was time to open the little container, Jacob got a a sushi roller for his "placemat", a bowl and the funnel. He got mini m&m's for Christmas and had a fun time pouring them through the funnel into a bowl. This time, the m&m's were the regular size which did not fit through the funnel. It threw us both at first, because we both thought there were going to be mini m&m's in this tube. This did not detract from his enjoyment in eating them, though.

Homemade granola. Yum.

Jacob and I got to take a nice little (dry) nature hike the other day, too. Very nice. We checked out some interesting seeds from trees, threw some rocks into the creek and brought home several rocks, sticks and mini pine treasures. I need to make a treasure bag for when we go exploring. My pockets are not big enough for it all!

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