Tuesday, February 21, 2012

all my titles for this entry sound like I'm talking about sex (ex. just doing it)

Well, we're a little more than halfway through February and my just do it goal for this month has been..... interesting.

I have done a few bigger projects and some littler things as well. I'm discovering that my mantra really helps when I'm trying to procrastinate on something simple: making a phone call, running an errand, keeping track of the finances. For bigger projects, it's a mixed bag. Sometimes, like when doing a sewing project, I do need to just plunge in, fears and all. But other times, I'm just not quite ready to do something. 

There are different reasons for my hesitation on things. Indoor herb garden: I've had problems with fruit flies before. Putting up more artwork/my pictures: it takes time to choose pictures, print them and get a frame. Usually there is a practical aspect to some of my procrastination. 

I have also found that I feel a lot of pressure from myself to "do" lots of things. And that doesn't feel nice. I like to go at my own pace much of the time. An activity that is fun should feel fun. 

So, I think instead of "just doing it", when something comes up that I want to do but I'm procrastinating on it, I want to truly evaluate my thoughts and feelings on it. Why am I waiting on it? What is it that does stop me? Taking things individually will (hopefully) be less overwhelming and more easily solved. 

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