Wednesday, February 29, 2012


February 29th.... always a funny date, I think. Just kind of special (in a totally planned out way) day that only comes up once every four years.

Today, we started off bright and early at 6am. Mimi had sent along some mini cupcake wrappers with Aunt Katie (thanks!), so Jacob has had cupcakes on the brain since then. He barely ate any breakfast before he wanted to get the ingredients together. I looked up a recipe quickly, coming upon this one for gluten-free chocolate cupcakes . I'm not normally a gluten-free person but I have some garbanzo bean flour in my cupboard and these called for it! I skipped the chocolate hummus frosting although I think that might make them even tastier. Really, though, I think they're quite delectable.

We also had the special treat (at least to us) of snow! Seven-thirty sounds like a good time to me for a snowball to fight...

Enjoy the day! Do something you would only do once every four years :)

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