Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feelin' the love

Funny how this day of love has changed for me over the years. Not that it has ever been the most important holiday for me, but it has gone through it's phases. I always enjoyed the little paper Valentine's in grade school and the candy hearts that used to say things like "write me" instead of "tweet". 
      As I got older, I remember celebrating it with my family. It would fall on our annual ski vacation and my mom would always bring some surprises for us: a red stuffed bear, chocolate, lotion. One year in college she sent me a homemade heart pillow made out of old fabrics that held special memories.
      Then, of course, there were the years of the holiday spent with a romantic love. Fraser used to make me an elaborate Valentine's Day dinner: a couple years with flourless chocolate cakes, a year with fondues - one with crab, one with chocolate. I would take a long bath as he would finish the meal and we would bask in each other's company.

The magic school bus rocks!
      This year was the most different so far. No special plans between the two of us (although I did get up and the kitchen was immaculate). During the day, we had a mom's group party with the kids. Everyone had a fun time, the kids were all great. It was awesome to look around at all the great people we have in our lives these days. That makes me feel love. Even though our community is a bit spread out geographically, we're all here for each other, having fun, learning together, supporting each other. That's what this is all about.
Nathaniel and Jacob "standing next to each other"
 In the evening, we had our neighbour's kids over which was also so great. We'll swap another day for our Valentine's evening. It felt so great to be able to do this together. Helping each other, watching the boys have such fun together. It was such a non-traditional Valentine evening and it was great. It made me smile.

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