Wednesday, January 18, 2012

good days

I'm not sure if it's the bit of snow we've been having, all the vitamin D I've been taking or meditating, but I've had a string of days here where I just feel good. Strong and flexible in yoga class; patient and fun with Jacob; not super harried with my jobs. And it is such a nice feeling. 

Days come and go. Some feel great, others horrible. Sometimes I want to find a cabin in the woods and hole up for months. Sometimes I want to socialize with everyone. But, as Natalie Merchant sang, "these are the days you'll remember", so it's darn good to feel good about them. And enjoy them. 

Jacob sitting in my lap playing marbles, telling me he loves my voice or my shirt or my hair. Asking me for "two more big kisses and one little kiss" at bedtime. Wanting to make so many things "from scratch" like the Dutch baby we had for breakfast yesterday. I love it. And I'm loving loving it. I wish you all the same. 
The Dutch baby, or parts of it

Best part - the cleanup! Really, I did nothing to this pan.

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