Saturday, January 21, 2012

A momentous day

Here it is, the day I've been wanting, asking for, begging for, for so long. The boys have gone up to the mountain to check out the skiing and tubing!! I might still be in a state of denial or at least shock. It's hard not to race around the house trying to multitask like crazy, because I feel like they'll be back at any moment. 

I actually have a lot of emotions going through me about today. Excitement, worry, disbelief, relief, happiness and a bit of longing. It was hard for me not to say, "I'll come to!" After all, this will be Jacob's first time to the mountain, he might try out skiing, tubing. All things I'd love to watch him experience. I love my family and love spending time with them. And yet, if I ever want time for me, I have to let some of that go. Divide the time. I'm just not great at it at this point because it happens so infrequently. 

This morning, Jacob said, "I love you. You be safe here." Then later he told me, "I might miss you and cry a bit." I told him, "If you miss me you can tell Daddy. Daddy can hold you and you can cry if you want to. Then you'll feel better and can have more fun. And when you come back, we'll be so excited to see each other." I'm proud of him for being able to express himself so well. He also wanted to get his own backpack ready with some "treasures" in there. He wanted me to put it one his back. He was all about it. So cute! 

So.... even though I do have the house to myself, I'm going out. Fabric! Books! They've been calling my name...

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