Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The day to day

I think I need to start keeping a notebook on my nightstand. I seem to have a knack these past few days of waking up at crazy early times (3am...) and then not being able to go back to sleep. My mind prattles on about all sorts of things, and I am oh, so tempted to come downstairs and write something here. So many good thoughts come to me at the most inconvenient times! But then I think of the time it takes to go downstairs, turn on the computer, write something and come back to bed. Surely, I'll be asleep sooner than the time it would take to do all that..... alas, no.

Here I am, then, at a normal hour of the day, and I can't think of any of those things about which I had wanted to write. Sigh.... So, instead, I'll just share some of our most recent goings on. 

Some delightful new fabrics I got as a Christmas gift (actually, it was a gift card but... ). When I have no "real" idea about what to make, I just make napkins. These are for the boy. Yes, the apple one is maybe a bit feminine but I couldn't resist and he doesn't care anyway. He picked out the stitches, by the way.

 We made it outside yesterday, in the sunshine! It was not as peaceful as the pictures look, however. Jacob had no desire whatsoever to head out, but we're working on taking turns choosing activities (his was to go to the museum in the morning, mine, to take a walk outside in the afternoon). It was brief but something. 
  We found these lovely sweetgum seed pods. I always have liked them. And, underneath, a book from the library - The New Terrarium. One of my hopes/goals for this year is to get more living plants in my life. A few of my siblings can practically grow things just by looking at them but this trait has seemingly passed me by. Well, this is the year I plan on changing that. One plant at a time. I think I could keep a terrarium growing. There's not much to it. And they're so pretty. I'm also attempting an avocado (from the pit) and a Giant Sequoia (from seed). I know, I know, not the easiest specimens with which to start. But I had them around and figured I would just start somewhere. So, we'll see...


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