Monday, December 12, 2011

Crafting craziness

We have been busy, busy, busy these days crafting, baking and making. I have a hard time taking a moment to write about it all. But we've been having so much fun!

We baked some sugar cookies, the family recipe from my great-grandmother. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of the cookies themselves to show you but the cleanup was just too funny. That board had not one single piece of sugar on it by the time Jacob was done. Fraser was worried when he saw how many we'd made (he not being a big cookie eater himself) but after sharing some with friends and doing our part, I think we might have to make some more. It's only December 12!

Jacob helped make a Christmas ornament that he found in his advent calendar.

Oh, peppermint bark, how I love thee.... I found this recipe on the blog Orangette. You can make the same amazingness by going to peppermint bark . Really quite easy, too. Even my mother could make it because there are only five ingredients.
Salt dough ornaments from Filth Wizardry . Fun, fun, fun. 

Then the gingerbread house fiasco. In theory, I love gingerbread houses. In reality, they never turn out the way I hope. First, Fraser mixed too much water in the frosting and used the little baggie with the tiny pointy tip. After adding more confectioners sugar, we put the frosting in a Ziploc and I cut the corner off. Too big. The frosting started oozing out fast than I could get it on. Fraser was holding up the house pieces, I was attempting to glue them together and Jacob was jumping up and down (after having sampled the candies) wanting to know if he could start decorating the house. Goodness. In the end, I think our house looks great. It did fall apart once, but Fraser (thankfully) managed to salvage it before Jacob had seen anything. I think we need some practice on this holiday tradition.

I made this delightful little garland string over the weekend too. Super easy and, I think, adorable. I did see it on a blog somewhere but cannot remember where at present. Just little felt circles stitched together. Lovely.

I've been making some other things, but they are gifts and cannot be shown. I still have bean bags on my list, which will be easy, and a cape for the little boy. I'm not sure exactly how I'll do the latter, but it can't be hard. I'll keep you posted.

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