Wednesday, November 2, 2011


November, when the earth slips into the quiet slumber of winter...
November, the month of my favourite holiday...
November, the month of my first child's birth...

"November" by Mary Oliver

The snow
began slowly,
a soft and easy

of flakes, and then clouds of flakes
in the baskets of the wind
and the branches
of the trees-

oh, so pretty.
We walked
through the growing stillness,
as the flakes

prickled the path,
then covered it,
then deepened
as in curds and drifts,

as the wind grew stronger,
shaping its work
less delicately,
taking greater steps

over the hills
and through the trees
until, finally,
we were cold,

and far from home.
We turned
and followed our long shadows back
to the house,

stamped our feet,
went inside, and shut the door.
Through the window
we could see

how far away it was to the gates of April.
Let the fire now
put on its red hat
and sing to us.

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