Sunday, November 6, 2011

An evening walk

The sunshine of the afternoon, golden and slanted, shown brightly in the house, begging me to come outside. The trills of redwing blackbirds called softly through my open window; I imagined them sitting on their cattail stalks in the marshes behind our house. It was too tempting to resist. I headed out.

Once outside, I not only heard the blackbirds calling but also the geese high above in their silhouetted "V".  Some evening clouds were coming in, a greyish blue in the evening light. I breathed deeply the scents of cold and muddy earth and blackberries getting ready to sleep for the winter, their changing leaves making bright spots of yellow and red amidst a field of brown. Bare branches are becoming more prominent than leaves these days and what leaves are left have almost all changed into their fall colours. 

I long to feel the world around me, to breathe deeply the rich smells and listen to the loud silences of the country. There are benefits and drawbacks to living anywhere and this place is no different. It's connection to place and meaning within it that I want. A connection to earth. This evening, even amidst suburbia, I got a sense of that. A longing for it but also a visceral feeling of being part of the amazing web of life around me.

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