Thursday, October 13, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes

Some adorable and sometimes very funny words from Jacob:

"Don't help me. I will be careful myself."

Daddy: Have a good day with Mommy.
Jacob: Have a good day with your work people.

Mommy (as we're lying in bed): I like your cuddles.
Jacob: I like your warmness.
M: Yes, it feels good to be next to someone warm, doesn't it?
J: And that you love.
M: Yes, that is very true.

Talking about not being able to get out of the car while we're driving: The people would say, I don't want to hit Mommy's baby.

In the kitchen after I bumped something:
J: Mommy has to say dammit.
M: Oh. Well, I'll probably just say blast. This isn't bad enough to say dammit. 
(I had to work hard not to laugh right out loud at this one. He really does hear every word I say - dammit.)

Last night I go into his bed to check on him and turn off the lights. He's naked. Asleep and naked, curled up on his jammies and blankies. Hilarious, yes. But I had to put it all back on. This morning he told me he was just trying to fix his diaper because it was scratching him. Oh, of course. Makes total sense.

These are the things I get to listen to all day and try my hardest to write down as fast as possible. I love it.

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