Sunday, May 24, 2015


Sometimes in life we find ourselves in situations that have us wonder, 'how did I get here?' At that point, it's easy to look outside ourselves and blame others or want it to be because of some outside force. However, we are all in our lives, making decisions all the time. Do you want to be responsible for them and therefore, have power in your life? Or do you want to shirk that responsibility and live the same game of survival that everyone else is playing?

Personally, I want to live a powerful and extraordinary life that I create. No matter what the circumstances are in my life. 

There are circumstances in my life now that are still too personal and interconnected with others to share but that have shifted my future. I am not certain what my life is going to look like for awhile. 

What I do know is that I have a choice in the matter. I can choose to be a victim or be angry or full of self-pity (sometimes hard to avoid completely). Or I can choose to be courageous, loving and strong.

I choose the extraordinary.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful post--both words and pictures. And this idea of choice is so true, and so difficult. Thank you.