Friday, October 17, 2014

then do this...

Yes, folks, that iron is on and that fabric is getting some action! What I'm not showing you are the piles of cloth diapers and random toys and other paraphernalia that had to be cleared from the washer and dryer in order for me to have a place for that ironing board. But there you have it - progress on the quilt! I cut out a bunch more squares so it will be bigger for my bigger boy. 

Crap lighting in this picture, but this is what the middle is going to look like. I do not have a good setup for the sewing machine yet, so I'll have to figure that out in order to sew the new squares and continue, but hey... the ball is rolling!


:: someone is getting more adorable every day 

:: another someone is getting to be more and more.... himself, which is a good, good thing


 :: I continue to get way too many books out of the library (and love every moment of it!)

:: and the house continues to be.... itself, whatever that may be at the moment

hey, there's a face!

All in all, no complaints here.

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