Thursday, October 9, 2014

pics and treats

As many of us know, packing a lunch every day can be tiresome. So, when I came upon a cookbook by Weelicious blogger Catherine McCord, that is specifically for lunches, I got it from the library as fast as I could. It's called Weelicious Lunches, and we have started to delve into it's wonderfulness. 

whole wheat lemon blueberry muffins

Halloween "animal" crackers

the best granola bars I've had yet (not the actual name of these)
 All of these recipes are delicious! A friend of mine was the first to share these Chocolate Chip Granola Bars with me, and I absolutely love them. She recently claimed that she has found an even better one and when I try that one, I'll let you know my opinion. The only problem with these granola bars is that I want to eat them all the time!

I also gave the little cuteness his first haircut. It took me awhile even though he was looking shaggy because.... well, it's his first haircut and his little baby flyaway hair was adorable. I didn't care that people complimented our daughter on how cute she was. But, it was getting in his eyes a lot so, I did it. Quite tricky on such a wiggle worm.

Jacob and I did one of my favourite kind of plantings - bulb planting! It's something that even I cannot mess up. 

And then there is just the general cuteness that comes from living in a house of three dashing boys, one of whom being a baby. I'm a pretty lucky gal.

I have to wait how long until I can ski?

expecting the flash

pretending to be Benjamin

ahhh... diapers!

the question is, how do they taste?


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