Tuesday, September 23, 2014

8 months!

Someone has recently reached the 8 month mark! Crazy. It does happen so very quickly. 

Little Benjamin is sitting up these days, occasionally tipping over as well. He's obsessed with standing and is beginning to reach to pull himself up. He's doing the army crawl forward and getting more adept at it every day. And he continues to enjoy food, mostly things he can chew. We get lots of comments on our adorable girl and yes, his hair needs cutting. I get close at times but can't do it just yet.

He's such a love. He smiles so much, laughs at us and Jacob, is so excited by life and the things around him. He's into screeching, which I could do without and cooing, which is adorable. Today he just started trying to, and often succeeding at, putting a ball into a hole. All the little things they learn to do that are so new and novel and important for them... it's so fun to watch those things happen. 

 And, like most babies, he does not stay still. I think he likes the camera and will smile at it. But hold still? Absolutely not, Mama.


  1. He's a little doll, Jill, and a true blessing.


  2. He looks so much like Jacob in some of these pictures. Love him to bits!!!!!