Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ho hum, pig's bum

In my sister's words, "Ho hum, pig's bum". That has been how this week and a half, post vacation has felt. Returning to the reality of "real" life and responsibility and all that lovely stuff that isn't always so bad once you're used to it again but can, at first, seem kind of depressing. Yes, I live in Boulder and have two absolutely beautiful, wonderful kids and a fantastic husband and am a healthy person myself and have about 8 million things to be grateful for (and for which, I truly am). And still.... reality sometimes is that there are good days and... well, not so good days. Life.

So. Time passes, "ho-hummness" lifts and life gets going again. And then we get a lovely rainy day. I know, I know.... not too long ago I was a bit more down on rain and a bit more celebratory about sun. It's all in the perspective, folks, and the daily dose of each. Too much of anything is too much. But the rain... ah.. so nice. Last night it started and throughout the night I listened to it tapping all the leaves, rushing through the gutters, dripping on the flagstone. So relaxing. And today, all day, it was cloudy, cool and rainy. A lovely change. A cozy inside, read a whole book on the couch with Jacob and bake something because it's not actually too hot to turn on the oven kind of day. Perfect.

Our French yogurt lemon cake

 Oh rain.... you provide such lovely pictures opportunities, not to mention life-giving sustenance. Thank you!

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