Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ovaries the size of what?!

I'm back to report that the surgery on Tuesday went well!! Thank you to everyone who sent their kind words, who watched Jacob and who sent their well wishes. They are all so, so appreciated (especially my neighbour who watched Jacob even as she is preparing to move on Saturday!). 

I was pleasantly out like a light for the procedure, which is a good thing because it involves a needle going places that are not comfortable for needles to go (if there even are such places at all). When I awoke, my eggs were all taken, and the doctor had told Fraser that my ovaries were roughly the size of oranges!!! No wonder I'm feeling a lot of discomfort.

I didn't have oranges but this is the size - and two of them!
 Now comes the part of the blog where I am reminded (by my wonderful husband) to think about what I want to make public and what I don't. I want to shout to the world how many eggs we got and how many fertilized and share all the details with all of you. And yet.... this is still a very personal journey we're going through together. There are decisions to be made (how many embryos we put in, what to do with frozen embryos) and everyone has opinions about that. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, I just don't need to hear about them all. The decisions Fraser and I will make will be ours. 

So, I can say that the retrieval was a great success and we got out a bunch of eggs and half of them fertilized. It's a game of reduction now over the next few days; some will continue to divide, others will not make it as is the way with these things. Some will survive until day 5, and one lucky embryo will be put back into my womb, hopefully to nestle into the cozy lining I have prepared for it and grow happily for nine months. 

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  1. Wow! Oranges! Girl, that sounds painful. And very interesting to hear about how everyone has an opinion on the number of embryos, etc. I thought what-you-name-the-baby was the biggest public weigh-in. Apparently not. Totally respect you keeping those decisions close to the chest. Godspeed!