Sunday, March 3, 2013

eggs away!

We're down to the last of the shots! Hurray! 

Tonight, at exactly (they are very serious about this part) 9:30pm I will be taking my final two shots, the trigger shots. These will trigger the eggs to release from the follicle walls so that they can be easily sucked out during the harvesting. 

So, things are looking good. I'm hopeful that we'll get a lot of eggs and that a lot will fertilize and grow into beautiful, healthy embryos. After tonight, it's pretty much all out of my control. Well, it has been (in some ways) for awhile now. It is strange arranging things in this way, knowing exactly when (and where) conception will occur. Although the science of it is very fascinating to me, this process does feel less personal and magical than the traditional route. Alas, things go the way they do for reasons, and I cannot guess at those. Just trust. And regardless of how the egg and sperm meet, the making of another being is still pretty darn magical on its own.

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