Saturday, December 29, 2012

post-Christmas breathing

Last year, at three, Jacob was still more interested in each toy as he opened it. This year, I must say, was a 20 minute blur followed by, "Mommy, why is the fun part of Christmas over?" What!? How about the "playing with the toys part"? Riiiiight..... I don't mean to say that I'm feeling like somewhat of a failure as a parent, but... really? Sigh... I think next year there will be a little less for the boy and a little more for Mommy and Daddy and a bit more emphasis on the giving. Or something ideal like that. 

Regardless, we have been having plenty of fun playing with our wonderful gifts. Top of the list is a gift that Santa brought: a Perplexus. This is, of course, a ball track. Just one that's within a ball.

We've also played more rounds of Zingo than I can keep track of, differing variations and all. He's now very much into his Glow-in-the-Dark Lab. Among the experiments, we've made a couple bouncy balls, oobleck and are now growing some crystals. 

Otherwise, Fraser has had some time off work, which is good because he and Jacob have both had a cold. We've been spending time in our jammies, eating gingerbread houses, making art projects and enjoying the fireplace a bit. 

Hopefully this time between the Christmas craziness and the beginning of the New Year is unfolding well for you, too.  We are here, enjoying and recording our days.

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