Monday, August 20, 2012

pickles and picnic blankets

The title of this post should really be "pickles and A picnic blanket" but the plural sounded so much better. I have finally finished making the picnic blanket that started here in June. It was the beginning of June, so almost three months ago. Almost time for the summer to be over and for a picnic blanket to not be needed for awhile. Almost.....

 I will be making an extra effort to get us out on this blanket a few times before the summer ends - even if it's in our own backyard!

And pickles... we've been getting a lot of cucumbers in our CSA and although they go over very well raw in our house, I also know that pickles are delicious. I tried out this recipe because it had simple ingredients and sounded extremely easy. I had visions of doing an actual canning of pickled cucumbers (and that might still happen), but it's just not happening. So these sounded just perfect. I haven't tasted one yet, but as soon as I do, I'll give my verdict.

Our camping trip this weekend was very fun (minus a couple times when our three-year-old was acting a bit like.... a three-year-old). I will share that adventure next time!

Oh, and one hilarious thing: Jacob asked me this morning as I was brushing his teeth what people played with and how they played before people were invented. I can't remember now how exactly he phrased that first part, but the people being invented part was straight out of his mouth. I do love the things kids think about. 

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