Monday, July 23, 2012

waffles for lunch?

They're not just for breakfast anymore... Today, we made waffles for lunch. After buying a new waffle maker. After making some so-so waffles in MI, I really wanted to try out this recipe from orangette because Molly Wizenberg is a fun writer and every recipe of hers that I've tried (and I've tried numerous ones) have been great. 

So, yes, I pretty much bought a waffle maker so that I could try this recipe of hers (the second one in the blog post, actually). And it did not fail me. Yum-me. I downed a whole Belgian-style pancake in under two minutes. This photo barely made it into existence. 

 Full of flavor, light, soft on the inside and a bit harder on the outside, some maple syrup drizzled over the top..... well, you get my point. I think I might have to go have another one soon. Maybe even for dinner....

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