Tuesday, July 31, 2012

these days...

These days....

:: I have watched more television since the opening ceremonies of the Olympics than I have since.... well, probably the last Olympics. As much as I feel like I'm burning my eyes out every night, it is really incredible to see these athletes who work and train so hard and make their bodies into machines for these sports. And I've actually seen a couple movie previews that look interesting (another novelty of watching television).

:: I have made some delicious raspberry jam from some local berries. There's not much you can do to mess up raspberries.

:: Fraser got Jacob some baseball gear and they've been doing some tee-ball practicing. Pretty adorable really.

:: while watching the Olympics, I have been sewing the binding on my picnic quilt that I started before my trip to MI - one more side to go!

:: I'm back on my organizing kick (a bit) but this time I'm doing the inside and one part at a time. My first focus - the mail and paper issues that build up on the breakfast bar. Grrr...

:: we're enjoying some beautiful, sunny afternoons that are very conducive to blackberry picking on the bike trail behind the house. 

:: listening to Jacob ask, "Are the liberties going to be on tonight?" (meaning the Olympics) 

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