Thursday, May 3, 2012

Procrastination is...

Procrastination is making buttonholes on Jacob's jammies. You know I'm desperate to avoid something if I'm actually making forward progress on a sewing project that involved making buttonholes. Not that they're that hard but I hadn't done them in awhile and was pondering how it would go. By my fourth one, the hole actually looked pretty even. 

So, what is worse than buttonholes, you ask? Well.... apparently organizing. I don't know where to start. Part of me just wants to start in the garage, sorting boxes into Fraser and Jill piles. Then I think, well, it's cold and windy and rainy and we'll have to park outside while stuff is in the garage (which will also hopefully be incentive to get it done faster). All excuses, true. There are the inside places. Plenty of them to start on. I just don't feel like starting. Last week I did. I was in super organizing mode, practically clearing clutter with the wave of my hand as I walked by. But this week.... not so much.

I think partly I'm having a hard time letting go of last month's goal. As much as it was work to try and write each day, it was fun also. As I've said, I'm not ending my writing just because April is over. I'm just trying to focus on something else this month. Or not. 

Well, we'll just see how I feel tomorrow. A brand new day. Lots of things still to organize. Meanwhile, here's a picture of the world's smallest bean. We re-planted Jacob's gnome garden that he got for his birthday. The beans have attached to our yarn Easter eggs and have actually produced flowers and a bean!

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