Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the long weekend

It's been a little while since I've written. I've been hoping to have more to show for myself, especially after a long weekend. But, besides a pinched sciatic nerve and, what looks like, an even bigger mess in the garage, there's not a lot to show on the organizational front. I am coming along, and it's starting to actually feel like that, too. But it does not look like it at all.

So, I'll just tell you about our weekend and show you what else we've been up to.

 We harvested our beans from our little gnome garden/dining table centerpiece. Seven beans! Not too shabby.

 Peonies are opening, more Telluridian friends passed through on other business but had time for a little visit. Always so, so great to see old friends. The familiarity and comfort of having shared history are really wonderful feelings.
Suckers are all the rage these days at our house. Jacob and Daddy just bought a small bag from the bulk section at Whole Foods. Tasty, even I'll admit it, even though chocolate is more my thing. And, as this picture demonstrates so well, someone is is need of a haircut.

We enjoyed a Memorial Day BBQ with some neighbours. Lots of fun and craziness. Fraser smoked a pork butt and salmon, people brought oh, so delicious salads and fruits. And I made some rhubarb tarts that looked nothing like the picture in the book but tasted delicious nonetheless. The oven also broke (before the tarts were cooked!). Thank goodness for good neighbours!
This is not our new cat but a friendly cat who comes around a lot these days. Jacob calls him Caramel. 

With a mustache
Today I was determined to do something in the garage. Jacob came out with me and, amazingly enough, we did make a bunch of progress. Two things helped that. One, I moved the car out of the garage so I could have more room to sort things out. And two, the big box of packing peanuts that Jacob discovered. It kept him occupied for a long time. What a great toy!

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