Sunday, March 11, 2012

the weekend, mainly

We have had a couple very lovely days with sunshine and warm temperatures. Just enough to make me feel that spring could maybe be on its way. However, I also know that there will be many more days of grey clouds and rain before we have anything reliable. Alas... I can enjoy what we do get. 

Recently, Jacob and I have:

-- had our first outside happy hour/playdate at a friend's house
-- planted (in pots) strawberries, sage and lavendar
-- planted an herb garden from seed
-- been to the park a few times
-- walked to the library
-- gotten some much-needed vitamin D via the sun!

In other news, Jacob has been working on his facial hair.
 Just kidding, of course, but this mustache was too hilarious. We got it from a friend's birthday party. Very funny. We also "put it on" Mimi and Pop while we were Skyping. Those pictures are even better but I won't release them for the public (much to their appreciation, I'm sure). Again, super funny.

 We made a family trip to the old Goodwill on Saturday. Trying to find Jacob a little (cheap) nightstand for his books. We didn't find that but I found this great treasure instead. Carrom! I grew up playing this with my siblings on a board that I think was handmade by a family member. I have lots of found memories of knocking these pieces across the board into the pockets. Seven bucks at the Goodwill. I grabbed it up right away. We're missing a few minor pieces but nothing mandatory for the game or that can't be easily bought online. 
 Since we got it, Jacob has been playing all sorts of "versions" of it (with our board, there are over 100 different games you can play and 44 different pieces you can play with it -who knew!?) I'm just loving the fact that we can get this great game that Jacob is totally into, it doesn't require batteries or power (except the human kind) and it brings back childhood memories. That's a pretty complete package if you ask me.

 And here are my boys cheering for CU as the men's basketball team won the PAC-12 Championship (I don't really follow this or even know what that means except that it means they're better than a bunch of other teams... but Fraser and Jacob were hilarious).

The weekend brought chilly and intermittent rain but we stayed nice and cozy inside for most of it. On Saturday I was feeling very uninspired to do much of anything so I read a book (Girl in Translation, if you want to know). I had to fight my brain like mad; it was telling me how unproductive that was. I told it that if I didn't read now, I would just stay up too late reading at night and then have to take a nap the next day. That's unproductive. So, I started reading, and that pretty much settled the dispute. It felt great.

Fraser made some wonderful Italian Wedding Soup today, recipe from Cook's Illustrated  . SO delicious and perfect when Jacob and I came in from playing outside. And did I mention that Fraser made it, not me.... oh yes, I did. Well, it's worth mentioning again. I do love it when he gets his cooking on over the weekend (last weekend it was tom kha gai - Fraser's own recipe... whoa). Yum!

I hope all of you have had a pleasant weekend as well!

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