Friday, March 2, 2012

To the good doctor (Seuss, that is)

In celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday (and in no way a planned event), we ended up at our neighbours' house tonight for some green eggs and ham. And home-brewed beer. Yum, yum, to both !

And for his bedtime story, Jacob chose (on his own), The Lorax. This happens to be my favourite Dr. Seuss story (no surprise there.... I am a "hippie" after all). It was just a poignant way to end the day. Well... actually, we ended by reading some of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Mostly because I'm a sucker and can't say no when my kid says, "Mommy, say 'did you want to read some of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'?" How can I resist that?!

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