Monday, March 19, 2012

"blog description"

I had the surprise (and excitement) of a couple people asking me the other, what is your blog about. For a moment, I paused. How do I describe it in a short, but clear, way? There's a line labelled "blog description" where I could include something like this under my title. Again, though, what do I say in a short sentence?

Closer to Core:
- A journey toward mindfulness 
- Living joyously in the present
- Living with awareness
- A journey of self-discovery
- Choosing my life

Hmmm.... the options seem to get more abstract as I go along. Still, there is a theme. Being aware of my life and making choices that feel true to me. On the screen that sounds so simple. As we all know, though, it is oftentimes not. 

It's hard to slow down. It's hard to say no to another activity or another thing to buy. It's hard to not buy things from China. It's hard to buy sustainably grown food. It's hard to not be influenced by the world in which we live. It's hard to get stuck in a comfortable routine that doesn't challenge or truly support us, but that pays the bills and that's "fine". 

For me, though, there is a part of me that cannot, has never been able to, live with "fine". She lets me know when something feels wrong. In fact she pushes at me so relentlessly that I must change or go crazy. We all have a part of ourselves that is there to guide us. Some can hear it better than others. Some can listen to it better than others. Some times it's easy to listen, lots of times it's scary. But when we do listen and follow, because of trust or fear of the other options, life becomes... open to us. Whenever I have listened to that inner part of me, against what others have told me or what other parts of myself have told me, I feel a sense of calm and excitement. I feel possibilities open before me and I know, I am on my path.  

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